Meet the Pastor

20160528-_DSC5504Rev. Elizabeth Duffy has served as Pastor of Zion United Church of Christ since 2010. She lives in Amherst with her husband and two children.

Pastor Elizabeth has a Master of Divinity degree from Boston University School of Theology, and a Bachelor’s degree from Saint Lawrence University with a double major in Government and Religious Studies (or as she says, the two things you’re not supposed to talk about).

Pastor Elizabeth received her call to ministry when she was a sophomore at St. Lawrence; it was a powerful moment when God stopped Elizabeth in her tracks and spoke to her, not with an audible voice but with an overwhelming presence, telling Elizabeth that she needed to go to Seminary.

Pastor Elizabeth was raised in the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ. She then attended a United Methodist Divinity School and was ordained in the United Church of Christ. She considers herself a liberal-evangelical who is in love with the Lord and welcoming to all.

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Pastor’s Message

Dear Church,

When I hear people say that they “don’t need God” or that they “don’t
need church” I can’t help but smile and let out a little laugh. Because to
me, to say that you don’t need God, or that you don’t need to be in the
spirit of worship, is like saying that you don’t need air to breathe.

Everywhere I look, God is there. Everything that moves and breathes does
so because of God the creator. Every ounce of love is influenced by the
Spirit of God. Every moment of hope is made possible by the Son of God.
God is everywhere.

We might think, from time to time, that we don’t need God. But those
thoughts are in vain.

God is in the air we breathe. God is present in times of love and times of
hate. God is God even when we can’t comprehend all that God is.

Now that the snow has finally left us, take a walk outside, take a deep
breath, and breathe in the Spirit of God.

When you can’t come to worship because you’re vacationing out on a
beach, close your eyes and breathe in the Spirit of God.

When you’re stuck in a hospital room, longing to be outside enjoying the
beauty of the day, close your eyes and meditate on God.

When you’re eager to get out of work and enjoy the summer days, take a
moment to be thankful for your employment, and breathe a sigh of
thanksgiving to God.

God is everywhere. God is inside of us and all around us. God is God, even
when we don’t know what to believe.

Find God, today, and every day, friends. Breathe in that Spirit of God. Let
the Spirit of God sustain you and give you hope. And join us in worship,
because when we come together as the Church, God’s spirit grows and

In Christ,
Pastor Elizabeth